Readings changes.

Five measures took place. There was a 5-minute time interval between the first and the second
measure and an hour interval between all successive measures. Only points placed on hands have
been exercised.
Second measure (5 minutes later) showed an insignificant growth of readings (except H3, where
growth was more significant and H4, where almost was no changes) as the result of moistening and
soaking of skin with water (Fig. 1-2).

Fig. 1-2

Measure, which took place an hour later, showed lowering of readings, probably due to points'
"shutting effect" (the current was rather strong) (Fig. 1-3 and Fig. 2-3).

Fig. 1-3 Fig. 2-3

One more hour later readings increased relatively to 3rd measure (Fig. 3-4),and almost all
readings returned to the values obtained during the first measure (Fig. 1-4).

Fig. 3-4 Fig. 1-4

Further measures didn't show sufficient difference compared to first measure (Fig. 1-5 and Fig 1-6),
although it is possible as the result of 24 hours' meridians' activity.

Fig. 1-5 Fig. 1-6