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Bilateral investigations in stabilography.

As distinct from the existing single-platform stabilographic complexes analyzing the trajectory of human pressure center moving on a bearing surface, this complex may record the following:

  • Projections of footsteps on the bearing surface of stabiloplatforms;
  • Statokinesigram of general pressure center;
  • Statokinesigram of each extremity on footstep projection;
  • Distribution of the weight to its right and left legs with the following mathematical processing.
  • Preference zones in statokinesigrams of each footstep in which the extremity pressure center is located more often.

If evaluating the optimality of locomotor apparatus statics in patients with various clinical manifestations of spinal column osteochondrosis combined with disorder of static motor stereotype in the form of scoliosis and changes of physiological spinal curvatures in the sagittal plane, and also persons without clinical complaints for the locomotor apparatus, the following shall be taken into account:

  • position of human GPC relative to the pressure centers of each leg;
  • difference in statokinesigram squares;
  • asymmetry of legs pressure centers relative to the footsteps projections;
  • position of preference zones in the statokinesigram of each extremity;
  • deviation angle of a line connecting the legs pressure centers from the frontal line, i.e. X axis.

So, the two-platform computer stabilographic complex allows to develop a direction on the evaluation of human locomotor apparatus statics at the new technological level and may be applied for the express-diagnostics of scoliotic deformations, and also for the development of new types of trainers with BFB with stabilograms in two-platform version of the complex for the rehabilitation of human locomotor pparatus.

The stabilographic games are developed in which the control is provided with two testees at the same time, each of them is located on its stabiloplatform. At this, both platforms are connected to the same PC and the signal received from them shall be recorded simultaneously. This allows to evaluate and train the cooperative work of little groups, to evaluate psychological compatibility, and this is important in many sports, in military and in professional occupation when persons should work in pair. If looking forward, the realization of games for more quantity of the users playing simultaneously may be provided if connecting the stabiloplatforms through a computer network.





STABILAN 01-2 is a modern, innovative diagnostic complex based on a computer stabilography.

STABILAN 01-2 Trainer is a new medical technology intended to support and improve the movement coordination skills.
STABILAN 01-3 Force-moment armchair is intended to record, process and analyze mechanograms of forces and force moments appeared in a person sitting in order to provide comfortable monitoring of the operators functional state while performing its professional activities and also to detect motor-coordination disorders.
STABILAN-3D complex is designed for recording, time-tracking, qualitative assessment, analyzing and simulating human marked locomotor structures in 3D space simultaneously with the center-of-gravity position.
SILOKOM portable system is intended to provide immediate control and improvement of speed-and-force and force condition of top-level sportsmen.
MYOCOM is designed for long-term PC-based recording and subsequent processing of the electromyogram envelope curves in order to evaluate their time characteristics.
STABILAN Hardware and Software Complex for Powerlifting is a hardware-software complex for recording and analysis of dynamic and kinematic parameters of sportsmen moving, and also the electrical activity of muscles aimed to form and improve the bench-press method and control if an exercising.


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