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Stabiloanalyzer includes:

  • Tensometric stablioplatform;
  • Software-hardware;
  • Variable mount of the second monitor;
  • PC (to be delivered under the customers request).


Stabiloplatform basis of Stabilan 01 2 computer stabiloanalyzer with biofeedback.


Monitor mount to investigate
May be adjusted up/down smoothly and discretely, the monitor tilt angle may be also adjusted. It may be set on 19" LCD monitor mount. The monitor mount shall be purchased by the Customer separately in accordance with the requirements or may be delivered by ZAO OKB RITM in accordance with a particular item of the supply agreement.


Torso tensometric dynamometer to investigate in sports.
The recording limit - 500 kg with the discreteness of 100 gr. Included in the delivery set of Stabilan-01-2 of Version 05 and Version 16.


Hand tensometric dynamometer.
The recording limits for various models of the hand dynamometer: 60kg, 100kg, 120kg with the discreteness of 10 gr. Included in the delivery set of Stabilan 01 2 of Version 05 and of Version 16.


Electrodes to retrieve native electromyograms through 4 channels.
Amplification factor through channels 10000, pass band for a level 3 dB 15 Hz-1kHz, time constant of the detector averaging filter 100 msec, input signal amplitude not less than 2 mB, discretization interval of myogram envelops 200 Hz. Needed to record biopotentials from four muscles simultaneously with a stabilographic signal, and also to be used in computer myographic trainers on the biofeedback basis. Included in the delivery set of Stabilan 01 2 of Version 12, of Version 13 and of Version 16.


Electrodes to input rhythmograms.
Pulse recording range from 30 up to 180 beats/min, amplitude of R-wave of ECG from 1 up to 2 mV. Needed to analyze the heart rhythm variability. The recording may be provided simultaneously with a stabilographic signal and separately. Included in the delivery set of Stabilan 01 2 of Version 02, of Version 05, of Version 12, of Version 13 and of Version 16.

Tensometric respiration sensor.
To be applied in the perimetric respiration channel. To be applied in sport medicine and also in neurology to detect any cerebellar disorders. Included in the delivery set of Stabilan 01 2 of Version 05, of Version 13 and of Version 16.

PC Requirements:

  • Processor AMD Sempron/Athlon/Phenom or Intel Celeron/Pentium/Core with the frequency of not less than 2200GHz;
  • Operating memory of not less than 1024 Mb;
  • Hard disc of not less than 120 Gb;
  • Sound card using the standard codec AC-97;
  • Video card recommended from NVidia GeForce series (series 7, 8, 9 or more);
  • USB- port;
  • Recording DVD driver;
  • Operating system Windows XP SP1, SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7;
  • Laser printer;
  • LCD monitor (17') for a patient;
  • LCD monitor (19') for a doctor.

Basic specifications of the stabiloanalyzer:

  • Field for pressure center coordinate recording circle with the center at the origin of the platform of 200 mm radius;
  • Acceptable variation in evaluating the pressure center coordinates - not more than 1% at the resolving power of not worse than 0,01 mm;
  • Discretization interval 50Hz;
  • Weight of a person tested from 20 (10) up to 150 kg;
  • Resolving power in evaluating the patients weight not worse than 10 gr;
  • Overall dimensions of the stabiloplatform - 49049070 mm;
  • Mass of the stabiloplatform not more than 10 kg;
  • Power from AC mains of 220V 50 Hz. The autonomous power supply may be provided under the Customers separate order;
  • Power consumption not more than 20VA;
  • Complies with the medical device requirements relating to the safety.




STABILAN 01-2 is a modern, innovative diagnostic complex based on a computer stabilography.

STABILAN 01-2 Trainer is a new medical technology intended to support and improve the movement coordination skills.
STABILAN 01-3 Force-moment armchair is intended to record, process and analyze mechanograms of forces and force moments appeared in a person sitting in order to provide comfortable monitoring of the operators functional state while performing its professional activities and also to detect motor-coordination disorders.
STABILAN-3D complex is designed for recording, time-tracking, qualitative assessment, analyzing and simulating human marked locomotor structures in 3D space simultaneously with the center-of-gravity position.
SILOKOM portable system is intended to provide immediate control and improvement of speed-and-force and force condition of top-level sportsmen.
MYOCOM is designed for long-term PC-based recording and subsequent processing of the electromyogram envelope curves in order to evaluate their time characteristics.
STABILAN Hardware and Software Complex for Powerlifting is a hardware-software complex for recording and analysis of dynamic and kinematic parameters of sportsmen moving, and also the electrical activity of muscles aimed to form and improve the bench-press method and control if an exercising.


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