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STABILAN-3D The complex is designed for recording, time-tracking, qualitative evaluation, analyzing and simulating human locomotor structures in 3D space simultaneously with the position of center of gravity

SiloKoM-01 portable system for measuring force and moments was designed by the order of the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation. The system is intended for immediate control and gradual development and improvement of speed-and-force and force condition of top-level sportsmen based on measuring isometric force moments in ankle, knee and elbow joints. The system also enables evaluating electric activity of muscles using active electrodes.

Hardware and software system for analyzing and correcting powerlifting training techniques using biomechanical and electromyographic parameters. Hardware and software system is intended for recording and analyzing muscle electrical activity, dynamic and kinematic parameters of sportsman movements for training and perfection of bench pressing techniques.



Upgrade of Rista-EPD hardware-software reflexodiagnostic complex
Alexander Cherchago

Rista-EPD complex is intended for estimation of electro conductivity of the biologically active points (BAP) according to the Nakatanis method, auricular diagnostics and R. Volls method for estimation their state, a functional state of meridians, and also organs and systems by the traditional china medicine criteria.
Unlike the known analogs, the new model of a complex has the built in expert system which allows estimating a ANS functional state and the haemodynamic status of the patient. The complex makes an individual diagram of action zones for treating of different diseases with help of transdermal electroneurostimulator portable with individual dosing of the skin reflex zone stimulation.
The xpert system uses more than 15-year-old experience in application of the previous versions of a complex in medical practice.

The information input-output unit is placed in the new ergonomic case (1).
For communication with the computer it is used standard USB connector which excludes necessity of adapters using (3). Dielectric parts of probes are made of fluorine plastic. For probes connection of electrodes the multicore flexible cable in a silicone cover is used. Communication of electrodes with the unit is provided with rugged connector (7):

2.The program interface has changed, and its functions have extended.
2.1Making and viewing of a patient card is made in a separate window. It excludes completely casual updating already created datum. A window for patient card making:

2.2 The list of patients and the list of assessments are imaged into primary window. It excludes possibility of record of concrete assessment in other patient card
The primary window of the program:

2.3New functions for estimation, storage in a database and displaying of haemodynamic indicators are developed:

The menu with chosen function of patient haemodynamic status search
A window for input of indicators of arterial tension, pulse rate and calculation of basic haemodynamics indicators estimations

Graphic representation of the patient haemodynamic status

2.4. Warning appears to the screen in to exclude possibility of research of the patient on a Nakatanis method without calibration of a source of test pressure. Window for electrical-conductivity measurements according to the Nakatani method with warning about the calibration necessity:

2.5. This model of the complex has advanced capacities of the complexs analysis of collected data and a possibility of selecting, and handling of documents group. The primary window of program with chosen data group for further data processing:

2.6. For statistical processing the complex has conversion of research data according to Nakatanis method into Excel format. And there is a function for export/import research data in XML format, for handy sharing experiences and consulting colleagues. Menu of data handling for chosen patient:

2.7. The complex is upgraded by database management system (DBMS) InterBase / FireBird". This upgrade provides the required level of program compatibility with modern software operating systems, increases advanced reliability of data storage and simplifies installation of the software on users computer.
2.8 A special service program ConverterPDXtoFB.exe allows user to convert and use databases, made with the help of earlier versions of software. This program is publicly available.
2.9 If the user connects to the Internet with the help of such software, it give an opportunity to conduct a distance learning, and consulting (TeamViewer + Skype), as well as offline-data exchanging with colleagues and experts on E-mail.

The complex RISTA- EPD is a reliable assistant of the doctor. It helps to indicate the state of patient and to choose optimal way of treatment using reflective methods for complex treating in cases of different diseases. To the fullest extent the complex is used for diagnostic support process of the treatment.
In the Russian market the minimum price of the complex may be established for the final user at a level of 76000 rubles for international export, that it is equal to $2700 or 2100 uero. The identical price in Russian and international market is the most reliable guarantee of compliance with exclusive rights of regional representatives in the world.
Discount is provided for dealer.
The seller preparation are produced gratis (3 dey). Certificate and full complement necessary is given After termination of preparation for learning information material.
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